How to Make Your Amazon Products More Attractive to Buyers

Customers are now shopping online more than ever before, with Amazon leading the pack among the tech giants of e-commerce. Needless to say, if you’re looking to expand your e-commerce business and don’t yet have a notable presence on the Amazon Marketplace, you’re missing out.

If you’re interested in starting or expanding your Amazon storefront, you’ve come to the right place. With instant access to over 100 million customers, selling through Amazon offers unique opportunities that have never before been seen in the world of retail.

Yet, while creating a strong Amazon sales funnel is now more accessible than ever before, building an enticing e-commerce storefront on such a saturated platform isn’t easy. If you thought that building a successful Amazon store is as simple as uploading a few product pictures and writing a brief description, we’ve got bad news – it isn’t.

Thankfully, since Amazon has now been popular for the better part of a decade, setting up a best-selling digital storefront has become a science. With some of today’s leading entrepreneurial minds now selling through Amazon, it has been shown that anyone can make money if they’re able to entice customers. Therefore, the key to success on Amazon is making your products more attractive to buyers.

What’s the Key to Attracting Buyers?

As is the case with most e-commerce platforms, the key to attracting buyers on Amazon is the creation of an engaging product listing. While product displays aren’t as important for brick and mortar retailers, as potential customers can physically see and touch the merchandise, such interactions are absent in the world of digital retail. Due to this fact, product listings are a key aspect of selling on Amazon.

Good product listings are able to engage as many of the potential customer’s senses as possible with content such as vivid product descriptions, colorful product images, and enticing videos. You’ll know your product list is optimized when you see a sustained increase in visits, boost in conversions, and growth in profits.

What Makes a Good Product Listing?

Often in business, many different approaches will lead to the same outcome. Product listings are no different, as there are many different ways to catch the attention of customers. With this being said, below are some general guidelines which outline key components of great product listings.

Feel free to add your own spin or flare. As long as each of these aspects is covered in some form, you should have no issue making your products more attractive to buyers. Every great product listing includes:

  1. Product titles that are informative and engaging
  2. Images which provide a clear overview of what the product is and what it does
  3. Lists of key product features that will interest customers
  4. A detailed listing description providing a clear overview of the product and your company
  5. Informative product reviews and ratings from real customers

Before we move on, one quick note: It may be tempting to pay people to write fake reviews or post such reviews yourself, but we strongly advise against this approach. It is easy to tell which reviews are genuine and which are fake. Trust us, nothing makes a product unattractive to buyers than the scam-like feeling one gets from visiting a product page with reviews that have clearly been faked.

Getting the Most Out of Product Your Listing


Before tackling the five factors we mentioned above, it can be helpful to get a better understanding of where your product listing stands among the pack. The Jungle Scout Product Listing Grader is the perfect tool for this task, as it gives great insight into the health of your current product listing instantly.

Best of all, it’s free to use and yields tons of informative data. Once you’ve established the areas where your product listing excels and those that could use some improvement, it’s time to revise your current listing.

To provide as much guidance as possible, we’re going to touch on each how to go about improving each of the five factors mentioned above, starting with product titles.

Product Titles: Lengthy, Yet Specific

Amazon allows for a 250-character limit on product titles, and you should strive to use every last character available to you. This may sound over the top, but if you’re able to catch a user’s attention while including targeted keywords that matter to Amazon’s ranking algorithm, it’s worth the effort.

Product Images: Vivid and High Quality

Make sure to use all of the nine image slots Amazon allows while showing off your product from every angle. Most importantly, make sure to use plain white backgrounds, show product packaging somewhere, and show your product in use whenever possible.

Key Product Features: Convince the Customer

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and consider what they would most want to know about your product. List out these benefits and features in bullet point format while framing your product in the best possible light. Make sure to include premium features, like high-quality materials or extended warranty, here.

Product Description: Tell Your Product’s Story

The best product descriptions elaborate on key features while telling a story about your product. As with any web content, aim to keep sentences below twenty-five words. The goal here is to convince customers that your product is something they need in their life.

Positive Reviews: Follow Up with Buyers & Offer Great Customer Service

If you make sure to ask buyers to write a review after they buy your product and offer great customer service, positive reviews will take care of themselves. The key here is not to be pushy. Encourage customers to share their positive feedback and offer to help address any questions or concerns they may have.

If you’re able to deliver on these factors, then making your products more attractive to buyers on Amazon is a goal that is within reach. When you’re working to optimize your product listings, don’t be afraid to try out different approaches to content. Eventually, you’ll hit on a winner that is sure to help your product sales skyrocket.

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