Amazon Product Strategy: Should You Sell Products You Love or What’s Popular?

Amazon is quickly becoming the go-to destination for online shopping, with almost half of internet users in the United States starting their product searches on Amazon. With a volume of users this vast, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking to start selling products on Amazon today.

As if instant access to millions of customers isn’t enticing enough, consider the fact that countless individuals have grown their e-commerce sales into an impressive business. Some have even gone on to make selling on Amazon their full-time job, giving them a unique level of personal flexibility and freedom.

However, when we put these exciting prospects aside, we run into some important questions. For example, with so many products listed, what should one focus on selling? More importantly, should you sell products you truly love or simply stick to selling what’s popular today? This may seem like a straightforward question, but the answer might not be as simple as you think.

The Answer: You Can Actually Do Both

Believe it or not, it is possible to sell products that are both extremely popular and reflect your personal interests. With the millions of products listed on Amazon today, chances are you can find a product niche that will alight with your personal interests while offering extremely impressive sales numbers.

This doesn’t mean that you’re likely to fall in love with every product you sell. Rather, finding such a balance is about doing market research to figure out how you can leverage your passions to turn a profit on the Amazon Marketplace. If you can find products to sell which you understand, then the rest will soon fall into place.

The Importance of Selling Products You Understand

If you’re an expert in a certain area, chances are you will be able to understand the sort of products that individuals with similar interests would be interested in purchasing. Better yet, if you sell products you know and understand, you’ll be able to offer top-notch customer support, which will, in turn, lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

In other words, selling what you love on Amazon is all about finding the right market niche, or sub-section of customers who share interests similar to your own. If you can select products that are popular within your chosen niche, then the rest will fall into place.

What Sort of Products Are Popular on Amazon Today?

Before explaining the importance of finding your market niche, it may be helpful to highlight today’s most popular products. Luckily, Amazon curates a list of their best-selling products across a host of different departments, ranging from Appliances to Video Games. This resource is updated hourly, which means sellers can always access up-to-date information about market trends in real time.

Generally, there are a few product areas that always post great sales numbers. These categories include:

  • Books (including physical books and Kindle digital copies)
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Toys & Games
  • Home & Kitchen products

The key to finding products that will always sell well is to research popular options like these and look for gaps in the market. However, when selecting your products, try to avoid seasonal items, even if they align well with your niche. Seasonal products like decorations will generate tons of income in-season, but typically fail to sell well after their time of the year has passed.

Niche Selling: A Great Way to Align Your Passions with Profits

It’s true: Selling to the right niche can be a great way to combine your interests with better-than-usual sales. In fact, one of the best ways to maximize your income from selling on Amazon is to find a profitable niche.

This is because narrowing your focus down to an area you understand gives you a leg up over your competition. Finding the right niche can take some time and effort, but the process is fairly straightforward. In fact, you can leverage your own Amazon account as a great research tool. Since Amazon tracks users preferences, your account can provide great insight into products that may be of interest to your selected niche.

By logging into your personal Amazon account and scrolling down to see recommended products (typically under the header “Recommended For You”), you can quickly get a feel for which items may be popular for shoppers like you. From here, taking the time to explore each product and the categories associated with it can give you great insight into the current marketplace.

Of course, there are dozens of different ways to approach niche research. To get started, consider checking out Niche Hacks, which is an online resource that offers tons of great information on finding the most profitable niche for your interests.

The Perfect Formula for Increasing Your Amazon Sales

The relationship between finding the right niche and selecting the perfect products can be summed up easily. Consider the following formula:

The Right Niche + Selling Products You Love = Improved Sales & Profits

This may appear to be a simple approach, and that’s because it is by design. When creating your own Amazon product strategy, the key to keep your personal interests at the forefront of the process. If you can find the right niche for your interests, then you will likely find a market of customers that share the same passions as you. Furthermore, if you love a certain product, it will probably be well received by your market niche.

In the end, improving your sales and increasing profits through Amazon Marketplace is this simple. With a countless number of products available, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle, especially if you are attempted to sell a product to every single Amazon user.

Instead, focusing on a target market that shares similar interests or beliefs can be a great approach to honing your sales tactics. If you genuinely want to connect with your customers and grow your business, then sharing products that will interest them is the key to success.

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